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Gramercy Gift Guide

6 Super Chic Small Treats





These lip balms are a great gift for teams, bridal parties, committees or other small groups. For maximum impact display all lip balms together so your recipients have fun hunting down their unique initials!   


Handwritten handkerchiefs are a GGG favorite. Customize them with handwriting from a single loved one or multiple loved ones. 



These reimagined antique book cover journals are made using traditional binding techniques + hand painted details. A very special gift for the bibliophile in your life


These sachets from Chelsea textiles range from $35-$85 and are great to gift alone or alongside a gift card or other small trinket!


Stationery is always a good idea and this brand is especially gift worthy because its heritage and quality. This Lily of the Valley motif is a particularly great gift for the 2022 bride! 


Who doesn't love seeing their name in beautiful script? Even better when it's preserved as a paperweight to view day-in-day-out!






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