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Gramercy Gift Guide

"Click and Send" Baby Gifts Under $50!

This gift is the most gifted on GGG!  Everyone loves the adorable and cohesive curation of this stuffed animal from Maileg! 

Gift: $26

Wrapping: $8

Shipping: $5

We are so excited to share this recently found Etsy vendor with you! We love bespoke stationery sets from Silhouette Blue not just for the great price ($22) but also for their quality and packaging!  An excellent go-to gift for any new baby! 

Note: to ensure your stationery gets gift wrapping you have to separately add the item  "gift wrap service" to your cart before heading to checkout!

Gift: $22

Wrapping: $2

Shipping: Free!

This high end French baby line actually has a couple more reasonably priced options in their assortment! Additionally, all items can be wrapped free of charge!  Be sure to check the box "add giftwrapping" when your item is in your cart!

Gift: $29

Wrapping: Free!

Shipping: $15

An adorable baby gift with a lot of bang for your buck!

Gift: $39.50

Wrapping: $6

Shipping: Usually free when you enter the current promotional code!

A whimsical and well curated gift from a very acclaimed illustrator!

Gift: $14

Wrapping: Free!

Shipping: $9.95