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Gramercy Gift Guide

Gifts For YOU!


2020 was quite the year and you made it to the end. Now that you've finished shopping for everyone else, you most definitely deserve a treat!

Below are some ideas on how to reward yourself (both big and small)!




New Activewear & Loungewear 


Because no doubt this category of your wardrobe worked on overdrive this year. Pick a few pieces to freshen up your quarantine duds!


Something to Spruce Up Your Home


If you are getting sick of your space, spruce it up! Here are some inspiring finds at various price points!



A Puzzle to Pass the Time


Never have we had more appreciation for puzzles, and there are so many beautiful and fun ones out there! 



Something to Combat the Cold


Whether you will be outdoor dining or just trying to burn off some quarantine steam with long walks outside, it's time to load up on some cold weather gear.



And Help Your Skin!


Between mask-acne and the cold weather, your skin needs some extra TLC this winter. Our beauty contributor has gathered up some nourishing essentials great for winter skincare. 

A Gift for You That Also Gives Back to a Cause


Treat yourself while also supporting a great cause.

A New Year's Eve Outfit


Whether you will be zooming or doing an intimate dinner at home, welcoming 2021 might be the highlight of 2020...dress appropriately!

Something to Make You Smile


These satirical goodies will no doubt bring a smile to your face.

One of GGG's Most Popular Gifts of 2020 


Other people loved these, so you might too! Here are some of the most clicked on and purchased items of 2020!