Gramercy Gift Guide

The Minimalists Guide to Gift Wrap


Lesson #3 in our ABC’s of gifting: “How to stock your gift-wrap closet?”

When it comes to gift-wrap, we take a minimalist approach for a few reasons…

#1 Space: who wants to store gift-wrap? (#nycityproblems)

#2 Money: who wants to spend excess money on gift-wrap?

#3 Social Responsibility: hoarding excess wrapping paper is not good for the environment…so it’s best not to over stock!

With these three things in mind, we set out to majorly economize our gift wrap supply…to find the MINIMUM amount of gift-wrapping supplies to cover the MAXIMUM amount of holidays.

Before we begin, let's meet our bare-bones set of supplies...

recyclable paper sheets from Strathmore ($10.09)

5 strategically selected adhesive wax seals from Etsy  (~$10)

8 stategically selected gift enclosures from Lavender Ink Cards ($12), Missing Q Press ($18), Bell'Invito ($11), Sapling Press ($3), and Vellum of Crown Mill ($13) 


Now, check out how these supplies transform into 50 unique combos for almost every occasion!

baby gift

christmas gift


valentine's day


fourth of july

child birthday

new year's eve


dinner party


adult birthday



get well soon

bar mitzvah / first communion

bat mitzvah / first communion