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The Non-Minimalist's Guide to Gift Wrap


Yesterday we waxed poetics on why we prefer keeping a minimalist wrapping paper assortment (check out blog post #3).

However, we also believe that sometimes the occasion will call for some loud and proud paper.

So with that said, we are sharing our favorite printed wrapping paper finds of 2018. Use these 10 rolls below for very special occasions! 


Skyline Wrapping Paper by SUCK UK, available at ($6.24).



bubbly champagne gift wrap by a thing created, available at ($18).



pine tree gift wrap by norman's printery, available at ($15).



navy _ white stripe wrap by sara fitz, available at ($12.50).



gatsby gift wrap by paragon papers, available at ($12).



geometric tile wrap by amy heitman, available at ($4.50).



hemispheres flat wrap by cavallini & co., available at ($5.95).



charlie gift wrap by roller rabbit, available at ($25).



mountain range gift wrap by norman's printery, available at ($14).



cacti & succulents decorative paper sheet by cavallini & co., available at ($3.95).