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"The Story of Us" in Matches

Sentimental gifting hack: frame match boxes that hail from...


1) Where you first met.

2) Where you first went out. 

3) Where you had your first kiss. 

4) Where you first met the relatives
5) Where you got engaged!   


We recently did this via the framing site Framebridge.  Bellow we walk you through the SUPER easy process.  The entire process took 25 days start to finish (so you still have time).  However, you can also do this at your local framing store!  Hope you enjoy!



How to Initially Place Your Order


1) Go to the Framebridge site and click on the yellow "Start Framing" button in the upper right corner.

2) Scroll down the page and select the "Mail In" + "Object" box. 

3) On the next page click the "Use Sample Art" option.

4) In this next section you need to indicate your "Artwork Size".  Basically what this is asking is what the inner shadow box area should be? (i.e. the section of the frame to which the matches will sit within)  As a reference, we used 8" x 8" for the frame above.

5) Now you get to select your frame! We selected the "Irvine" frame.

6) Within this next page it's VERY IMPORTANT that you select "Float Mounting" within the "Mat Style" drop down. Once this is done, and you have looked over all other inputs, press "Add to Cart".

7) You will then be launched to a Shopping Cart page.  Within this page be sure to select "Flat Mailer" from the "Packaging Type" drop down.  This will ensure that Framebridge sends you a pre-paid mailer to which you can send your matches.  At this step you can also submit a gift message. Go ahead and submit a message! Once complete, press "Check Out" and proceed with checking out as you normally would on an online site.


What to Do When Your Mailer Arrives?


1) In about a week your mailer will arrive.

2) Once you have opened the mailer fill out the attached form and indicate that the match layout is on the back of the form. On the back of the form draw a quick diagram outlining how you want the matches arranged. 

3) Seal up the package with the form and matches. Use the pre-paid envelope to send back! 

And then...


1) In about 10-15 business days your frame will arrive as shown!