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GGG's Jewelry Gift Guide

 Jewelry is always a wonderful gift. Why? Because it's timeless, it can be passed from generation to generation, and (perhaps the best reason) you don't have to worry about figuring out her dress, pant, and shoe size!


 However, let's be real, gifting jewelry is definitely not easy.  There are TONS of  options out there leading to a very overwhelming selection process. 


So, for the truly overwhelmed jewelry shopper, we are offering three rules that we believe typically lead to the best jewelry gifts. 

Hope you enjoy!   



1) Gift personalized or symbolic items that hold significant meaning to the recipient and/or the relationship


2) Gift a classic jewelry piece that she may not have yet. (i.e. pearl earrings, diamond studs, an everyday pendant, etc.)  


3) Gift jewelry that hails from an iconic jewelry brand. Why? Because it will hold more of its value and never go out of style.






Symbolic and Personalized Picks: 





 Worn by Katie Couric, Beyonce, Conan … (the list goes on). "My Intent" bracelets are not only jewelry but rather tools that motivate and inspire. Choose a word or words that will inspire her!  




This Etsy vendor allows you to customize a ring to a specific date. Mark the day you met or got married!




Elsa Peretti's bean collection is classic but above and beyond this, we love the symbolic nature of the bean when given as a gift. The bean represents the origin of all things, therefore, gifting this can be very poetic when gifting a loved one or new baby news etc. This collection comes in various sizes, price-points and materials (gold, silver, jade etc.).  Pick the piece that fits your price-point and recipient's aesthetic!  



There is something extra romantic about gifting a Tiffany & Co. box. She won't mind that this simple tag bracelet is one of the less expensive items in their assortment if you engrave something special! The tag bracelet also comes in gold for $600.







This pendant from Tiffany & Co. is shaped like a smile.  This is a great symbolic gift for the girl who loves to smile! This pendant is also available in various other materials (rose gold, white gold, with diamonds etc.). Pick the piece that fits your price-point!


$Starting at 850



Tiffany & Co. has a collection of band rings to which they call "celebration rings".  As the name suggests, these rings are meant to be gifted (and stacked) as life transpires (anniversaries, babies, retirement etc.)!  We love the symbolic nature of this gift and believe this concept of gifting stackable rings can also be applied to rings outside the Tiffany assortment! 





 Yes, you can chalk it up to a marketing gimmick, but none the less, Cartier's love collection has become an aspirational want of many women. The collection is famous because the signature bangle within the collection can only be taken off with a minature screwdriver. Therefore, the giver of the bracelet essentially locks themselves to the recipient, since the bracelet cannot be taken off easily.

There are pieces in the love collection priced as high as $30,000, but this pendant is one of entry price-points!





As mentioned above, the Cartier Love collection is a very romantic gift to give and get! This yellow gold and diamond piece is definitely a beauty!  









Classic Silhouettes and Styles:



Pearl earrings are not only a classic gift but pearls are usually one of the more inexpensive materials within a jewelry assortment. We love these Tiffany & Co. pearl earrings for $275. 




The signet ring is traditionally seen as a symbol or family heritage. Back in the day they would be used to stamp or sign a document!  Today, they are now a classic jewelry item that can be worked into just about anyone's jewelry assortment! Engrave her initials!



If she already has traditional pearl earrings, you might want to consider purchasing baroque pearl earrings?  Yes, these may look similar to regular pearl earrings at first, but the more relaxed aesthetic actually coordinates back to completely different pieces in her wardrobe! 


Another great gifting option if she already has traditional pearl earrings. Tahitian pearl earrings are a beautiful addition to any woman's jewelry wardrobe! 


A simple pendant can be worked into anyone's wardrobe and layered with other pendants! This pendant from Tiffany & Co. comes in various price-points and materials. 




"Statement" earrings such as the ones above are reserved for cocktail or black tie events. If she doesn't have "Statement" earrings in her collection, this no doubt is a great gift! They typically are on the more expensive side of the jewelry spectrum, so we suggest you choose a "big look" that incorporates pearls to keep the cost down a bit! 

From around $3,000+ 

Diamond stud earrings go with everything and can be dressed up and down. Pick the carat size that fits her size and your budget!  



From around $6,000+

If she already has an extensive jewelry collection, gifting statement colored gemstone earrings is a great idea.  Emeralds are definitely a classic choice! 




A chunky gold bracelet is another classic jewelry choice!  












Iconic Jewelry Brands:


While pieces from the Hermes leather collection don't contain any precious metals or gemstones, they are still wonderful jewelry gifts to both give and get! 


Bvlgari is no doubt and iconic jewelry brand, and these mother of pearl earrings are not only classic but also well priced. 




While Chanel jewelry often times does not contain precious materials, these pieces still maintain value due to the brand cache. A Chanel opera strand necklace like the above is definitely a timeless choice!




Van Cleef is definitely an iconic jewelry brand that we haven't mentioned yet! A gift from this brand is not only super thoughtful and generous but also iconic! 





Jean Schlumberger is one of the 20th centuries most mesmerizing artists. A gift from his collection is likely to stand the test of time!