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Spruce Up Your Easter Gifting Game With These 11 Accessories





The perfect timeless Easter basket. Add a monogram to the liner to make it even more special.   


This vine ribbon adds an instant touch of spring to anything in its path!



This simple and sweet bunny card from Memo Press will make a statement when paired with similarly neutral wrapping. Note: cards ship from the UK so shipping cost is on the higher side. 


Natural Easter grass is the perfect for nestling Easter goodies within. 


These vintage print cards from Etsy are great to keep on hand for bridal showers, babies, and spring celebrations!


Gift this badge to the Easter egg hunt champ.  


Great ribbon to keep around for Easter, baby and wedding gifts



These textured boxes are great for concealing party favors or other small treats!



Swap those neon fillable eggs with these speckled pastel alternatives! 


Send some Easter snail mail using these bunny stamps



Seal homemade treats up with these chef medallions!    






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