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Erin and Kelsey, Founders of Pepper Home



GGG's learned over the last year that people who make great gifts (i.e. founders, artisans, designers), know great gifts!




Because creators have a keen eye for product detail, value, and well, making things others want to buy! So without further ado, we're excited to feature our next "Guest Gift-Spotters" Erin and Kelsey, founders of Pepper Home.


After meeting during their first semester at Columbia Business School, Pepper's co-founders Erin Banta and Kelsey Brown immediately saw a need for stylish, colorful home decor options at affordable prices. They had both recently moved in with their now husbands and found that the textile pieces they loved were inaccessible to them for many reasons. Erin and Kelsey understood that most new nesters or first-time home buyers don't have an unlimited decorating budget or an interior designer on-hand. Despite this, it's still possible for nesters to love the space they line in no matter what their budget is. 


Offering chic home accessories that add playfullness to any space, Pepper provides the ability to dramatically transform a room with just a few key pieces - no new furniture required. Kelsey and Erin design the collections with fresh and current colorways that make mixing and matching easier for their customers. Made in the USA, Pepper Home is able to offer high-quality textiles without a high-end markup by using 100% natural cotton as well as recent advancements in digital printing


Pepper home's products are scattered in select places throughout the guide (i.e. What a great housewarming gift?, graduation gift? gal-entines gift? goes on). Additionally, Erin and Kelsey's gifiting go-to's (outside their own products) are also nestled in select places throughout the guide. Look out for their vibrant and thoughtful selections!