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Gwen & Lindsey, Founders of The Laundress


We couldn't be more excited to introduce this next set of guest giftspotters, founders of The Laundress - Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd.

Long before sustainability became an inspiring way of life, Gwen and Lindsey had a vision to create a premium, eco-friendly laundry and home cleaning brand. Armed with years of experience in the retail industry and degrees in textile science from Cornell University, the duo brought their vision into life in 2004. Without external funding, the two built their brand through tenacity and teamwork. Fast forward to today, and The Laundress is a hugely popular multi-distribution channel brand acquired by Unilever in 2019.

While a lot has transpired since the brand's inception in 2004, the ethos of the brand very much remains rooted in passion, purpose and sustainability. The products are still scrutinized by their founders for effectiveness and integrity and the entire brand experience is meticulously to ensure customers have the tools and knowledge they need to feel confident and excited about household chores. Take a trip to their Soho, NYC store and this all comes to life in its purest form. You won't want to leave the idyllic location reminiscent of a small-town boutique and you will be blown away by the vast array of product offerings. You will also learn that this store experience can be available to you at all times online through a library of how-to tutorials and videos. It's this commitment to sustainability, product integrity, and a transformative brand experience that makes The Laundress cleaning products great gifts- especially as housewarming gifts, because moving might be the perfect time for your recipient to make the switch to eco-friendly products!

Above and beyond being powerhouse founders Gwen and Lindsey also lend their expertise on the topics of entrepreneurship, and female empowerment. For a host of reasons, you can see why we are so excited to have The Laundress founders as guest gift spotters on GGG. Below you will find some of their favorite gifting picks in and outside of their line. These picks are also scattered across the site as you browse various gifting permutations. 



From The Laundress line...
1. The Laundress collection is large enough that it allows you to choose the right gift for any person or occasion. Therefore, for housewarmings and hostess gifts, Gwen loves curating a custom bundle with a few items from the Home Cleaning Collection. 
2. Gwen loves gifting their Sport Detergent to workout enthusiasts.
3. 50% of sales proceeds on this Laundress x John Mayer Out West duo go to the Montana Association of Land Trusts which helps support land preservation. The sandalwood, leather, amber and patchouli mix makes for such a unique scent experience that Lindsey loves to share with friends. 
4. Lindsey loves monogramming one of their laundry bags, storage bags or totes as an extra thoughtful present that will also get a lot of use!
5. Lindsey loves gifting from their No. 10 Collection. This luxe spice and musk fragrance takes your everyday laundry to the next level and the sophisticated packaging will gussy up anyone's laundry room.
6. Gwen often gifts their Signature Detergent to just about anyone. She finds that everyone swoons over the clean laundry scent!
7. Gwen and Lindsey both gravitate toward gifting products from their collaboration with perfume house Le Labo



And outside The Laundress...
1. Gwen loves collecting gifts while traveling and saving them up for birthday or holiday surprises.  Buying something unique and on point is a thrill whether it is an embroidered dress or caftan from Thailand or India or a sac from Chez Dada in Rome.  
2. One of Lindsey's favorite places to Travel is Tuscany, so she loves to share a piece of that by gifting a great bottle of olive oil from the region.
3. Lindsey loves gifting fresh seasonal flowers because they always bring a smile to someone's face! It's a simple touch that really brightens someone's day! 
4. Rizzoli is one of Gwen's favorite book stores and she just shipped this beautiful book to a friend's place in St. Helena.
5. Gwen loves supporting local business' she's grown to love such as Carrisa's bakery in East Hampton. She's a big fan of their Pickled Rye Bread and ships it to loved ones.
6. Hand washing is more important than ever, and this hand soap is one of Lindsey's favorites. The scent is lovely and it's made from good, clean ingredients. 
7. Lindsey loves gifting Assouline books because they come in such a wide range of topics and look gorgeous in a home! 

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