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Decoupage Wedding Invitation Tray



Chosen By: Tastemaker Name

Tastemaker Bio

She probably scrutinized every detail of her invitations, so make sure she has one preserved and available forever! A decoupage wedding invitation tray will look great in a dressing room, bathroom or guest room. Right after you receive her invitation, send the invitation to Marye Kelley to get her custom decoupage tray started (it takes 4-6 weeks). 

6-8 weeks

Shipping charges are determined by the dollar value of your order. Expect to pay between $8-$20.

The order process is manual. Ordering is done by mailing in the physical invitation, along with an order form printed out from their website. Within a week of receiving your package, the Marye Kelley team will send you a proof of the decoupage tray via email for approval. Once the proof is approved, expect an additional 4-6 weeks before the item is received.

Gift-wrap and message enclosure are free! Be sure to opt for gift wrapping on the order form and also submit a message.