A Tower of Gifts



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Introducing the "cover your bases" gift!  With a beautifully wrapped and curated tower of thoughtfully picked out gifts, she won't question your feelings, your effort, or how much you actually spent...as this overwhelming spectacle of a mega-gift will blur out all these details.   


To execute, we suggest you select 3-5 of the items on the list below.   Lean toward 5 if you have been dating a while, and 3 if it's a more recent thing! 



- These customized Rayban sunglasses with a funny inside joke inscribed.

- Athletic shoes for a sport you do together.  (Why is it that females seem to never upgrade their athletic shoes and they are probably the cheapest type of shoe they own!)

- A beautiful coffee table book that ties back to a conversation you've had or a hobby she likes.

- A baseball cap from/of something she likes/has talked about. 

- Tickets to an experience you can attend together.

- A beautiful pajama that's neither frumpy nor too sexy such as the ones here.

- And of course, jewelry is always a good idea!  If it's in your budget, check out our picks here!