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Benneton Graveur Correspondence Cards



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When you want to impress a certain gal-pal in your life, get her some extra special stationery like the one shown here! 


While there are hundreds of stationery options out there, this set is extra special.  Why?  The packaging is ADORABLE! and the quality is top-notch (i.e. the paper ply is THICK and the icons are hand embossed revealing extreme detail).  No wonder this company has been around since 1880!


Please pay special attention to the delivery time for this gift!  Because it will be coming from Paris, it has one of the more lengthy lead times on the site! 


4-6 weeks

Delivery charges are a flat fee of approximately $25.  Therefore, we suggest you stock up on all your stationery gifting needs during one checkout!    

English to French translation is a bit confusing at times, but otherwise an easy website to navigate! 

Gift-wrap is offered for an extra $5. We highly suggest you proceed with the gift-wrap because the box is definitely one that can be reused as a storage device!