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Chanel Flats



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Luxury shoes are definitely less expensive than luxury jewelry or handbags and can be equally timeless.  We particularly love the idea of giving a classic Chanel ballet flat.  We promise this shoe won't go out of style and can be incorporated into any female's wardrobe.  Alternative classic designer shoe options listed below.




Tory Burch




In regard to where to buy.  We strongly suggest you purchase the shoes in store at a department store rather than online!  Why?  Because the only online store that sells Chanel shoes is Chanel itself, which means if she doesn't like the shoes, she will only be able to use the credit within the Chanel online store.  It is a better idea to buy in store from Saks or Neiman Marcus, therefore, should she want to return the gift, she will have larger re-shop optionality!