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Send Flowers To Your Bridesmaids Via Bouqs



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What girl doesn't love receiving flowers? Capitalize on this by sending your future bridesmaids a lovely bouqet of roses from Bouqs. We love Bouqs because they partner with farmers around the country so your flowers are cut the day they are ordered, guaranteeing freshness. Therefore, the selection is always changing depending on what is in bloom. Additionally, all of the farms practice sustainable, eco-friendly farming, and they only cut what they sell. Bouqs has excellent customer service and transparent delivery tracking information!

You will be able to schedule your delivery.

If you register yourself on their site, shipping will be $9. If you opt to not register, shipping will be $18.

Excellent. Easy to navigate website and transparent notifications.

Message enclosure is free. You will be prompted to include your message during checkout. The flowers will arrive in an attractive Bouqs box (image #4 and #5) for the recipient to arrange themselves.