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Custom Wedding Crest



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Whether you understand the trend or not...custom wedding crests are extremely popular right now. In particular, the well-known calligrapher Stephanie Fishwick's crests are the "end-all-be-all" of this trend. Trained by Chief White House Calligrapher Pat Blair, Fishwick's work is sophisticated but also whimsy and modern, attracting a massive (not to mention star-studded) following. For a truly special gift, get a Stephanie Fishwick custom crest made for the new couple! The new couple can use their custom crest for their wedding stationery and after their wedding as a fun way to mark their outgoing mail. Fishwick custom crests start at $2,500 and can be ordered by submitting a request on her website ( Due to the expensive nature of this gift, we included some similar alternatives below!

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Some less expensive alternatives...