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Sentimental Gift Ideas for Loved Ones


By far the most common gifting outreach I receive is from those seeking to really "wow" their loved one. The occasion for which they inquire always differs...for some it's an anniversary, for others it's a landmark birthday, engagement, graduation, retirement ...the list goes on!


Regardless of the occasion or recipient, I will rattle off the list below, hoping it sparks an "aha" moment for the frustrated gift seeker. Many of the ideas are simple, inexpensive, and seem obvious, however, for whatever reason, running them through this list always seems to help.


At last I finally pulled together this much needed post! I hope this brainstorm inspires you!  




Whether it be for Mother's Day, an Anniversary or a Birthday, starting her day off with breakfast in bed is a simple way to get major points!

Some tips to make this extra special: 1) Make sure you get a tray. 2) Shipping in favorite food from a site like Goldbelly will add additional delight. 3) Presentation, presentation, presentation ... make sure you pick up flowers and prepare something that looks as delicious as it tastes!  


If your recipient is a parent or grandparent they are 100% going to love this gift. Some sites that allow you to make something from your Children's artwork are CeCe Dupraz and Minted.  


Yep, this one is so simple, yet often overlooked! Some favorite places to buy frames are Christofle, William Sonoma Home, Bloomingdale's and Tiffany & Co. 



Since this is a gift they can't physically open, the trick is gifting execution.

One of our favorite ways to gift experiences is through these scratch off cards. Another great way is by gifting gear they might need for the trip.  


Retirement? frame their old business card.

Graduation? frame his/her favorite school memorabilia.

Anniversary? frame a matchbox from your first date.

You get the idea! 


Everyone loves having albums but no one likes making them! Save him/her the tedious task of putting together this forever keepsake item.



A particularly great gift for brides but can also work well with birth announcements and other special paper items. 


Yes, jewelry is always a good idea. It's always best to gift them something that they've already mentioned wanting! 




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