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Because great gifts become memories that last a lifetime...

Welcome to Gramercy Gift Guide, a tiny corner of the internet dedicated to finding you the perfect gift.

Hello! And welcome to GGG! Like many of you, I’m a big fan of the “About” page.  In fact, every time I go on a new website I go straight to the “About” page to learn everything I can about the story and founder behind what I am viewing, reading and/or buying. So without further ado, here’s a little about the GGG story…

After 10 years working in corporate retail (buying, planning, and merchandising) at Bloomingdale’s, Tiffany & Co. and Gap, I started Gramercy Gift Guide (GGG) in 2019 with the goal of aggregating and curating the world-wide-web of gifts. During my various roles in merchandising, I found it frustrating that every individual retailer had extensive and amazing gift guides, yet nothing on the web was able to aggregate them all into one holistic place. I also found that typical gift guides often fell short by only touching on major holidays but not really drilling down to the details I wanted. What about the trickier gifts like get-well-soon? promotions? house warmings? What about gift guides that speak to specific relationships not just occasions?

GGG is aiming to solve these frustrations that perhaps you’ve also experienced. How are we doing it? Well, a few ways:

First, the 'GIFTING BY RELATIONSHIP' tab. The gift finder is essentially a “Gifting Wizard”. Input your relationship and occasion, and voila! … a few gifts will appear with differing price points. There are currently over 300 gifting permutations programed into the wizard, and it’s growing. Our hope is that your search might just stop here, and we’ve nailed the perfect gift for your specific gifting situation!

If you are still stuck, head to our 'GIFTING BY TOPIC' tab. Here we house gifting ideas by theme or interest not just relationship/occasion.

If you’ve been to both 1 & 2 and still can’t find a great gift idea, we offer personalized gifting assistance. Email and we’ll email you a personalized list of great gift ideas for your specific gifting situation.

Above and beyond finding you the perfect gift, GGG is also a general destination for all things gifting.  We post about wrapping ideas, gifts that contribute to great causes, and more. We also spotlight CEOs, founders, and various creative individuals by highlighting their favorite gifting go-tos.  And yes, we have a newsletter, so if your love language is gifting, or you just find yourself always needing good gifts, sign up now!

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. This gifting journey is just beginning, so check back often as we continue to evolve and grow!

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