Gifter’s Block Meets Its Match.

In the ever-expanding Gifting Universe, Grammercy Gift Guide is unique - and it’s by design. The world may not need more resellers, but it sure could use an easier approach to finding that perfect gift. What follows is the How and Why we are lending a hand.

Creating a Cure for Gifter’s Block.

Building upon over a decade in buying, planning and category management at some of the world’s most admired brands, Grammercy Gift Guide is the vision of a former merchant aiming to streamline the hunt for the perfect gift. With an unerring eye for quality and passing on the ordinary, this resource of curated gifts showcases exciting new items with fresh content that inspires and educates.

So Many Gifts, but So Little Time.

With tens of thousands of brands, hundreds of thousands of sellers, and millions upon millions of gifts to choose from, little wonder gifting feels overwhelming. Grammercy Gift Guide cuts through the clutter with digestible recommendations for key occasions, categories, and gifting scenarios.

Discover Something Unique.

While GGG houses gift ideas galore, the true focus of the site is finding gifts that will be remembered for years to come. Creative, unique, and extraordinary gift ideas are the lifeblood of the site. Gifts that will move the recipient by making a statement about the giver in ways nothing else can do.

Timely, Fresh, Pertinent Content.

With insider expertise from a decade of merchandising experience at Bloomingdales, Tiffany, Gap and Nike, comes a focus on gifting categories that tend to delight the most. Enduring classics, personalized gifts and exciting new items are the focus at GGG and we weave it all together in an accessible, welcoming, experience.

We Live and Love Gifts Like You Do.

We get it. As a mother I understand the 24/7pressures of children, family, home and budget. And as a refugee from the corporate wars turned entrepreneur, Grammercy Gift Guide is not only a gifting resource but a unique concierge service available to chat with via Contact Us.

Get Inspired – Every Time You Visit.

We ensure it adding new items weekly. Grammercy Gift Guide is your personal navigator of the world of gifts. Find the extraordinary, give with confidence and have fun as you do. We’re warming the hearts of both givers and receivers – to us, that’s the greatest gift of all, and our gift to you.


Meryl Tevizian